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Buss Studio Water Feature Spotted in New Audi A6 "The Drones" Commercial

A Buss Studio water feature can be spotted in the background of the opening scenes of the new widely aired Audi A6 "The Drone" television commercial, shot at the College of The Canyons campus in Santa Clarita, California.  The location was selected for it's ultra modern and futuristic buildings designed by the architectural firm Leo A Daly ( A Buss Studio water feature sculpture was placed in the lobby which commemorates the names of the donors that contributed to the campus expansion project.

Inspired by Hitchcock's "The Birds," a group of business people discover that their building is surrounded by evil, floating package-delivery drones; they realize they're in for a risky exit. They begin to make a run for it as they're chased by the machines, crashing into windows and onto cars -- except for the new Audi A6, of course. Advanced technology doesn't have to be intimidating.

watch "The Drone" Audi A6 commercial here

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